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With Imams from diverse backgrounds in knowledge such as Sudan, to Al Azhar in Egypt and even the Islamic University of Medina. Our Imams have become synonymous across London and indeed the UK, for their dedication and services towards enriching the Muslim community.


Imam Salah TaifoorSheikh Salah Taifoor

Sheikh Salah has been with the trust since the very early days.He is a pillar of the community, with the trust and respect earned through years of delivering valuable knowledge in an accessible style.

  • Tel: 020 7471 8262

Imam Shuaib AliSheikh Shuabi Ali

Having graduated from the college of Qira’at, Al Azhar University, Shoeib obtained Ijazaat in the 10 authentic modes of Quran recitation & hadith. From amongst his teachers was Sheikh Abd Al Basit Hashim. He has become known for his fluid like delivery and recitation of the Quran in methods that are otherwise unknown the masses. His work in educating Muslims in the UK in this regard is done primarily through the Imam Shatibi Institute.

He is currently the principle of the Imam Shatibi Institute and the head of WLCC Cultural Affairs department

  • Email: s.aly@wlicc.org
  • Tel: 020 7471 8281

Imam Tamir SaidSheikh Tamir Said

Also a graduate from the college of Qira’at ,Al Azhar University,since arriving at Al Muntada he has endeared himself to the community in the area of Qur’an studies. Armed with his distinctive voice and heart softening recitation Tamer is one of the most beloved instructors in the Imam Shatibi Institute.

  • Email: t.ramadan@wlicc.org
  • Tel: 020 7471 8285

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