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West London Islamic Cultural Center

Serving Our Community

Established in the heart of the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, we serve a local community of varying ages, backgrounds and abilities. The backbone of WLICC is our masjid which serves as a hub for the local community, where we have regular lessons in aqeedah, fiqh and tafsir, lectures by esteemed scholars and special guests as well as seasonal conferences. But we are more than just a masjid:

The West London Islamic Cultural Centre has always been keen to develop the services it provides for its community over the years, as the community gets bigger so do our operations.

We strive to facilitate activities for everyone. For the children we established ‘Quran Cubs’ which serves to make teaching Quran and imparting the Muslim identity something fun which the children look forward to. We have a dedicated sisters Quran college for women and for those more dedicated to seeking knowledge and wishing to further their Islamic studies; we have the Imam Shatibi Institute which attracts students from all over the UK.

Throughout the years, we’ve seen our centre grow from a local mosque, into one of the UK’s leading Islamic Centres. Most unique in its services, we now attract more people than ever from very diverse backgrounds. As a means of serving the wider Muslim community the WLICC hold regular free weekend courses open to everyone, conferences with esteemed scholars as well as various other events.

Our Vision

To guide muslim of the UK towards practising islam, preserving their identity and presenting the correct understanding of Islam to the wider society.

Our Mission

  • To preserve the Muslim identity by providing Islamic educational services tailored for youth, women and the local community.
  • To guide Muslims towards the straight path of Islam and engage with non-Muslims through our community activities.
  • To develop a Muslim community that enriches wider society through catering a range of activities

© 2020 West London Islamic Cultural Centre.

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