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Ahl Ul Quran Academy

Ahl Ul Quran Academy strives hard in preparing the young generation to be precisely what its name represents; for them to be people of the Quran. Our academy aims to become a leading Islamic and educational organisation, specialising in teaching the children how to read the Quran with fluency and tajweed. We also teach our children Islamic education so that they may have a firm and rooted understanding of Islam in order to cultivate good morals and manners in accordance to the teachings of our Prophet ﷺ. We are dedicated to teaching, preserving and promoting the blessed Book of Allah with the help of our hard working teachers who are dedicated to our aims and values.


Who are Ahlul Quran?

In a well known hadeeth of our beloved Prophet Muhammed ﷺ. He said “Allah has chosen a group of people; a special group of people.” The sahaba asked “O Messenger of Allah who are they? Explain them to us”; in their eagerness to be those people. He said, “Those chosen special group of people are the people of the Quran, special people, with a special rank. Those who learn it, teach it, understand it and live by it.”

May Allah allow us to be of those people, ameen.

Supporting ‘Quran Cubs’ and the Ahl Al Quran Academy as a guest patron is the respected Sh Sajid Ahmed Umar, who was the inspiration behind our motto ‘Nurture the Nature’. A gem from amongst the many gems of wisdom shared by the shaykh during his time with us, during a short reminder he gave concerning the importance of our youth and their upbringing.


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Quran Cubs


Quran Cubs was set up to provide an environment and setting to be friendly for children between the of 4-10. We would also like the children to feel comfortable in competing against each other as it is a realistic age range. It is also known that children thrive amongst peers their own age range.In the previous years we have noticed that younger children become embarassed amongst older children. We do not want to disadvantage the children so we will do all we can to provide an encourging ad learning environment where the children will take as much benefit from their peers and teachers.

Our vision

We are keen to cultivate an Islamic identity using the Quran and the teachings of our Prophet ﷺ to aid the children’s upbringing. Additionally, we hope to give them a stable Islamic foundation for life as young adults by embedding the love of Islam and the Quran in their hearts in order to help them aspire to and become Ahl Ul Quran by the grace of Allah سبحانه و تعالى


Our Aim

We aim to provide structured learning for boys and girls aged 4-17 in order to create an atmosphere of correct Islamic morals and etiquettes. We are committed to developing their linguistic skills in order to accustom their tongues to the Arabic language and to equip them with the tools to be able to read the Quran and memorise correctly.


Our Levels (Quran)

Reading and Memorisation


Students who are not able to read the Quran, they will learn to familiarise themselves with the Arabic Alphabets. They will learn to put the sounds of the letters together and learn to use the vowels. A strong foundation is needed from the very beginning to build on so that they may become proficient in the reading of the Quran.


Students build on their foundational understanding and begin principles of Tafkheem, Tarqeeq and Mudood.


These students are proficient readers of the Quran and need support as there maybe some mistakes with regards to the pronunciation of letters and tajweed rules. For this reason it is essential that the children at this level receive the correct support and guidance from the teachers so that if they decide to move on to Shatibi institute they will be equipped with the necessary tools to allow them to excel.


New Additions

Islamic Studies

We are officially introducing Islamic studies as a core subject in our academy. This will provide children with the basic understanding of Islam and the teachings of the prophet in order for them to live their day to day life using Islam as their guide. Our students will be taught Islamic Studies, Authentic Du’a, Adhkaar and the biographies of important role models in our religion.

Overview of syllabus taught in Islamic studies:

  • The oneness of Allah and love for our creator
  • Fiqh of Salah/ Fiqh of purification
  • Seerah
  • Stories from hadeeth and stories of the prophets
  • Memorisation of Duas from fortress of a Muslim
  • Developing Akhlaq and good manners.


Boys: Thobe and hat                                      Girls: Black Abaya and hijab.



Mon/Tues/Wed: 5pm – 7pm £40 per month
Sat 9am – 12pm £20 per month
Sat 12:30pm – 3pm £20 per month

Registration Week

Registration will begin on Monday 31st of August and will continue until Friday 4th of August. Registration will run between 5pm to 7pm. The start date for students will be on Monday the 7th of Septenber.

Application Form

If you would like to enrol your child(ren) to Ahl Ul Quran Academy, please download the application form from below. Please print out your application form and once it is complete, please hand it into the WLICC reception, or brothers Rahell Ahmed or Abdul Hakim at the Ahl Ul Quran office.

Download Application Form

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