About us

Serving the Community Since 1986

Established in the heart of the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, we strive to make a positive impact on your life and our local community, and to provide a spiritual sanctuary where all people find peace, regardless of their background.

The backbone of the West London Islamic Cultural Centre (WLICC) is our mosque which serves as a hub that caters to people of different backgrounds and ages in the Hammersmith, Fulham, Earls Court, Putney, Barnes, Roehampton, Wandsworth, and other areas.

As people of faith, we stand together to support each other against the ills of society. We believe that working closely together is the way forward in helping humanity. Sharing in dialogue and building good community relations is the key to promoting mutual understanding and sharing experiences.

Throughout the years, we’ve seen our centre grow from a local mosque, into one of the UK’s leading Islamic Centres. We now serve thousands of congregants throughout the week by providing a variety of services including the five daily prayers, Quranic/Arabic classes for children and adults, a youth and over 50’s club, regular lessons in the Islamic sciences, lectures by esteemed guest scholars, as well as seasonal conferences.

Our Vision

To guide the Muslims of the UK towards practising islam, preserving their identity and presenting the correct understanding of Islam to the wider society.

Our Mission


To preserve the Muslim identity by providing Islamic educational services tailored for youth, women and the local community.


To guide Muslims towards the straight path of Islam and engage with non-Muslims through our community activities.


To develop a Muslim community that enriches wider society through catering a range of activities.