Dear Brothers and Sisters,

On behalf of the whole WLICC team we would like to welcome you to our new revamped website. It is a pleasure to be part of a great masjid which aims to serve its local community.

It is a very testing time for all us, given the current COVID19 pandemic. We are happy to welcome you back to the centre, albeit in a limited capacity currently. The five times prayer is taking place along with multiple Friday prayers. We also have plans for Eid Prayer which we will announce soon here and on our social media platforms.

Please familiarise yourself with the procedures that have been put in place, in order to protect you and the community from COVID19.  

As a centre we are open and are happy to talk or discuss any issues you may have, in order to improve the services we provide for you. As the situation eases, Insha’Allah we plan to have more community events, and would love to see you participation. For the time being we are working hard to move our Islamic reminders and classes to digital platforms. This new website is part of that plan. All our new activities will be  posted here, fully upadated allowing more a more people to access the good work insha’allah.

We ask you all to keep us in your duas, and we appreciate your cooperation and understanding. May Allah reward you all, heal the sick, and give us the strength to get through these times.

WLICC Management