السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

 Dear Brothers & Sisters,

This is a letter to update everyone on the boiler project. Masha’Allah the last two Ramadhan’s we have campaigned for the boiler project and you as a community have donated generously as follows:

Ramadhan 2020 = £17,689

Ramadhan 2021 = £60,977

Total     = £78,666

We have done an extensive study and looked at several companies. We selected the best price and commissioned a company recently for the project to be completed for £75,000.

 Once the projected started, and we had paid the 50% deposit, we were unfortunately informed the company would not be able to fulfil the project due to the unprecedented hike in prices. The prices moved from £75,000 to £100,00, thus we have a shortfall of £25,000 and we are looking into ways to cover this.

We are now studying our options for maintaining the heating. Due to the extreme increase in gas bills, we are considering replacing the entire boiler system with air conditioning units connected to a solar system on the roof. Our preliminary research indicates that it will be more efficient and less expensive, but we are waiting for the final research to be completed. If we choose this alternative, we will hold an official consultation with the community and present this accordingly. Furthermore, If there is anyone in the community who can help with boiler/building heating contacts, please contact me directly on the email below, or see any member of management.

Reast assured we will keep you all updated as and when things progress. We make dua’ to Allah for this project to be successful and completed as soon as possible.

WLICC Management

Mr Imran Asif, PGDES(Oxon) MSc(Oxon)

WLICC General Manager





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