Profound Rewards of Dhikr


In the relentless rhythm of our modern lives, an innate yearning for peace and tranquility lingers within us. Amidst the profound teachings of the revered Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ), lies a practice of profound significance: the sacred remembrance of Allah through two succinct yet potent phrases – "SubhanAllahi wa bihamdi" and "SubhanAllahi al-azeem."

As narrated by Abu Huraira, the Prophet (ﷺ) imparted that these expressions, though effortlessly formed by the tongue, carry immense gravity upon the celestial scales and are profoundly cherished by The Beneficent, Allah.

The essence of these divine utterances finds its core in the concept of Tasbeeh – a reverential act of praising Allah while negating all imperfections. In the invocation of "SubhanAllah," we acknowledge the unfathomable perfection of the Divine and, in turn, find solace and harmony resonating within our hearts.

Remarkably, these two seemingly simple phrases possess the power to tip the scales of deeds in our favor on the Day of Judgment, attesting to the profound sincerity of our devotion. The boundless mercy of Allah enfolds those who diligently strive to draw closer to Him through regular remembrance, nurturing an intimate connection that imbues our souls with divine love.

The Prophet himself accentuated the significance of incorporating these phrases as an additional act of worship. Within the simplicity of this practice lies a realm of rewards that transcend human imagination – serenity untold, blessings bestowed, and the affectionate embrace of the Divine.

Thus, in the enchanting wisdom of the hadith, we unveil the profound potency of divine remembrance. Within the mere articulation of "SubhanAllahi wa bihamdi" and "SubhanAllahi al-azeem," we unlock the gateway to serenity, blessings, and divine love. By embracing the simplicity of these expressions, we immerse ourselves in a world of spiritual fulfillment and profound rewards.

By commencing on the journey of Dhikr, we can savour the bliss it bestows and experience the inexhaustible mercy of the Most Merciful. May these cherished words become perpetual inhabitants of our tongues and guiding beacons within our hearts, guiding us ever closer to the ineffable Divine.