الإخوة الأعزاء

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله و بركاته


Dear worshippers and attendees, I hope you are all well and safe. Alhumdolliah the great month of Ramadhan is fast approaching, and we ask Allah Almighty to bless us and grant us success during this month. We are well aware things are not the same due to the COVID19 pandemic. It has been a testing time for all. Government regulations have meant we have had to operate in a different manner. Part of that is still continuing as we want the Masjid to be a safe place and not a place for the COVID19 virus to spread. We have outlined some important rules which we expect EVERYONE to follow. This will insure the masjid stays open and we can worship Allah in the best of places. Insha’Allah.

Related to Iftaar, Esha Salaat and Tarawee

a. Only water and dates will be allowed to be brought in order to open the fast IN the masjid
b. Bring your OWN water and dates no sharing of food allowed or distributing allowed - please make sure you do not leave ANY mess in the masjid – bins are provided, please use them.
c. Doors will open 1 hour before Maghrib athan.
d. Maghrib will take place 10min after the Athan.
e. You are not allowed to share your food, people flouting the rule will be asked to leave the masjid.
f. We will not be giving out dates or water - due to the risk of contamination issues.
g. We will not be giving any iftaar food in the masjid, and you are not allowed to bring food from outside into the masjid in order to eat.
h. People MUST keep to social distancing RULES while in the masjid. Sit at the marked places.
i. You are NOT allowed to BOOK you place in the masjid after Maghrib. Any prayer mats left unattended will be removed.
j. You can stay in the masjid between maghrib and Esha for quiet worship.
k. Esha Salaat followed by Tarawee will begin at 9.30pm (when there is a change of time we will inform everyone, as Esha will get later as the month progresses.)
l. You are advised not to attend the masjid if you are over 60’s, under 10’s are NOT allowed to come. Parents MUST pray near their children, children CAN NOT be left behind unsupervised.
m. After Salatul Tarawee,please leave the masjid, swiftly and do NOT congregate outside the masjid.
n. For Salaat timing please check https://www.wlicc.org/
o. Please bring your face mask, prayer mat and use the hand sanitizers.
p. If you have ANY COVID19 Symptoms DO NOT ATTEND THE MASJID.
q. Please perform Wudho at homethe Wudho area will be open, but we DO NOT want high numbers of people in that area.

Related to the Fajr prayer

a. The Masjid will open 10 min before Athan, Iqama will be 10min after Athan.
b. People are NOT allowed  to sleep in the Masjid
c. The Masjid will be closed 15 min after Fajr Salaat.
Yours thankfully,
The Management.
West London Islamic Cultural Centre
Contact number / WhatsApp: +44 7399 872 440 


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