Support Mosque Iftar


Ramadan is a time of spiritual reflection and community bonding for Muslims around the world. Mosques play a vital role in bringing the community together for iftar and suhur meals during this holy month. As we approach Ramadan, we invite you to support your local mosque by sponsoring iftar and suhur meals for the community.

WLICC has launched the Support Mosque Iftar campaign, offering four different price points for sponsorship. You can sponsor an iftar for 10 people for just $50, or choose to sponsor a larger iftar for 130 people for one night at $650. For those looking to contribute more, there are options to sponsor an iftar for 130 people for 10 nights at $6500 or sponsor a suhur for 1 night for $650 during the last 10 nights of Ramadan.

By sponsoring an iftar or suhur, you not only earn the blessings of Allah but also contribute to your local mosque's efforts in bringing the community together. Your contribution can make a significant difference in ensuring that everyone in the community can break their fast together and strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood during this blessed month.

To sponsor an iftar or suhur, please visit our website and choose the package that best suits your budget and intentions. Let's come together and support our mosques this Ramadan.